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Hi. I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting this English translation! This matter of Mr. Bush, President Chirac, and the Gog/Magog thing is entirely new to me, and I find it quite horrible and interesting. What a relief to find this translation of the Allez Savoir article!

Best wishes,
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William Bennett

I think you mean "esoteric" not "exoteric."


Very helpful, and one hopes that it will gain major airing. For me it is key to the willful abuse of authority --even if this be explained as "covert" abuse -which fawns on a basic fear rooted in the conspiracy theory. This fear now reinforces a silence which in its dissonance about what happened 9/11, and in the decade since, begs to be openly discussed. Unless such discussion is facilitated by a true "history telling," motivation shifts from conspiracy theory to persecutory theory, and becomes closely tied to mental illness.

The ramifications of this information are long-reaching, and may even impact the Presidential election.

The thin line between mysticism and mental illness come to the fore, and raises again the question of the need for political leadership to submit to the same medical screenings for body, mind, and emotional testing to which executive managers in business must submit.

Sure explains the French ambivalence in supporting Bush. I wonder whether it will clarify what prevented them from airing this earlier?


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