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Berta B

I didn't know how else to share this with you, Sedulia, but I thought of you when I read it in Penelope Rowland's "Paris Was Ours".
" ... Rendering a word into another language is a mysterious process, and just as the noun 'mystery' is religious in origin, so is the verb 'to translate'. Its first meaning is "to remove the body or relics of a saint or hero from one place of internment or repose to another." Its second meaning is "to carry or convey to heaven without death." that, of course, is what one aspires to do when one translates a work of literature: to convey a vital essence that has been buried in the crypt (encrypted) of an alien lexicon, to a place in the light where it can endure."
Isn't that lovely? I believe you do that in your work. Waiting for the next installment.


Thank you so much, Berta! That's one of the nicest things anyone's ever told me about my translations! I love the quotation too. I don't know that book. Is it a good one to read?

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