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Let's all worry about rape.
Like it's some out of control epidemic spreading across the country.
Over-react as if it will change the past wrongs, and save any marginal amount of human lives in the future.
It wont change the frequency of it occuring and the unfortunately outcome of unwanted births/abortions either.

Can't the government just assassinate the mother/would-be-mother or the child without any reason anyway?Why not both?

No...lets focus on this non issue for the rest of our lives, and let all the other 'lesser' issues like the liberties of all citizens in the country slip away.

I hope you didn't waste any time in a university pretending to learn to be independant/unbiased.

Because thats what the internet/world needs.
More close-minded political blogs by more hipsters that don't bring any thing in terms of real value to the table of discussion or debate. More snyde soundbites to circle-jerk to please!

Malcolm Walker

Ron Paul talks about 'honest rape' this is consistent for politicians at one level-mislead the public by making some examples of human behaviour excusable and some not. In victorian England there were 'the worthy poor' and 'the unworthy poor', and the unworthy deserved their poverty. There were never 'the unworthy rich', because the rich did the talk about the poor. Let is be clear about this-rape has gone on at the same level throughout history, and NO rape is ever honest, all rape is deceptive. To talk about 'honest rape' is like talking about 'the honest rich' without asking whether they indulge in the legal dishonesty of tax avoidance. You don't have to have the vice of hypocrisy to stand for vice-president, but it does help.

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