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"Byr ei hun, hie ei hoedl" translates to "sleep little, live long"


Thanks Cass, that's great!


Can anyone translate this one quote in welsh for me?
"Let those who reflect, remember"


Hello there!

A most interesting site, many thanks for sharing.

For "Let those who reflect, remember"

I would say, in the same "proverbial" language as you have in the other citations:

"A fyfyriont, cofient"
("Those who (may) reflect, let them remember")
[REL 3.pl.pr.subj. / 3.pl.imper]

In terms of your other queries, I think the following make sense (I have updated the spellings a bit to reflect modern usage).

A fynno wrando bid gymar
He who would listens let him be a companion

A ystyrio gwnaed
He who would think; let him act

Adar o'r unlliw a hedant i'r unlle.
Birds of the same colour fly to the same place
'Birds of a feather flock together'

Adwaen laeth can nis dyfnwyf
I recognise milk as I may not produce it (??)
["drop it"]

Ateb araf gan ddysgedig
A slow answer from a wise man


My "ulterior motive" -- I'm compiling a list of proverbs as well as simpler idioms for the bilingual website "Parallel.Cymru". Could I please have permission to include your offerings here on that page? I'm not sure how easy it will be to put a "thank you" or link to you on the page itself, but I did want to ask first, after all your trouble.

All the very best,



Of course, Patrick. However my proverbs come from the old book, so you don't need to acknowledge this site, just the book!

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