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Dominic Caraccilo

The quality of life and security for the citizens has been largely restored and we are a large part of why that has happened.


If restoring the quality of life for foreign citizens is a good enough reason for the U.S. to spend years in a war, why don't we invade Zimbabwe, Sudan, Pakistan and Congo next?

Personally I believe American national interests (not Israeli or Kuwaiti interests) should be involved before we go to war.

Dominic Caraccilo

There is very little trash in the streets, many more people in the markets and shops, and children have returned to school.


George W. Bush has admittedthat Iraq had nothing to do with Al Qaeda or the 9/11 attacks and did not have weapons of mass destruction:


In other words, our invasion of Iraq was a mistake.

I think future historians will see the invasion of Iraq as a disastrous wrong turn on the part of our country.

To repeat, American national interests (not Israeli or Kuwaiti interests, not whims of a son trying to top his father, not cleaning up another country's trash) should be involved before we go to war.

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